I’M Lindy …

My design practice is Lindy Hulton-Larson Landscape Architect.

Registered Landscape Architect – #000871, AILA, Australia
Licensed Landscape Architect #5045, State of California, USA

As the world speeds up every day, we all rush around more and more. We move away from our extended families and spend a lot of our time sitting behind our desks and sitting in traffic. We’re more stressed than we’ve ever been. Enjoying our lives outside is important but sometimes difficult. Can you relate?

Did you know that spending time outside in nature is an antidote to all our “busyness”? So is social connection, with family and our broader community.

I became a landscape architect to help many people enjoy their lives outside. My goal is to help as many people as possible experience their “outside” more; renewing ourselves, making memories with our loved ones and building friendship & strength in our communities.

I've worked on large-scale & small-scale projects. Want more back story?

Ever since I was little, I’ve wanted to help other people and make a difference in the world. I was lucky to come from a family that spent time together doing fun things outside. My childhood memories are filled with exploring, building fires in our backyard, having lunches in my grandparent’s garden and climbing a large tree in our garden that I could go up but not come down (thankfully my tear-stained face was rescued before dark!).

I grew up, went to university, finished my degree in landscape architecture with honors and started working. It was busy and fun to be in Sydney as a young professional in the lead up to the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Lots of great public projects to work on and plenty to be inspired by. Happy life changes took me to the USA and there I was fortunate to work with great people on great projects, many in the National Forest improving facilities for families to enjoy on their vacations.

My practice went from large scale recreation to smaller residential scale due to more happy life changes. I’ve always been lucky to work on inspiring jobs with great clients.

I’d love to talk with you about your project. Are you wrestling with a garden challenge right now?



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